A WONDERful trip to the cinema

After reading the incredible heart-moving book, 'Wonder' by R. J. Palacio, Year 6 were thrilled to find out that this book had been turned into a film and was to be shown in a cinema near them, (Pavilions Teignmouth).   Everyone was buzzing, shoes were ready; coats were on, off they set on the journey to Teignmouth.

Whilst watching this stunning film the pupils were on a roller coaster of emotions and some came out of the cinema with tears flooding their eyes. 

‘I thought it was very touching and reached out to my heart’-Charlotte

‘It opens your heart and lets your emotions out’- Aili

‘Heart warming a wonder to all’ - Alfie      

‘This book has the power to move the world’- Dom                                               

Check out this film review below by pupils, Dom and Alfie

What book is wondrous, moving and heart-warming?: Wonder.

This book has given many people a different look at life and if any people were to judge any facial disfigurement in another person they would regret it very much, as shown in this book/ film. If you were to go back to the ice cream shop where August was first made fun of, you would be horrified, disgusted and heartbroken - this shows that this book has moved the world.

The recent adaptation of the book into a film has hit more audiences than ever before. It shows a boy on his heart warming adventure, in which he faced many life difficulties including 27 surgeries, to help him breathe, to help hear without a hearing aid and to try and fix his abnormal facial disorder. When August Pullman joins a new school after having a life of home school, he seems to be quite the oddity. At first he meets three children: Jack Will (the quiet one), Charlotte (the happy, chatty and arrogant one) and Julian (the angel to the teachers but a devil to the other children). As they guide him through the school, he slowly realised who was going to be his friend: Jack Will. They were best friends, they played Minecraft, they shared answers; true friends. Until one day, Auggie caught Jack Will talking about him behind his back and all was lost. Everything. August moped around in sorrow. One day August joined Jack’s Minecraft server. They typed an apology whilst building a ship. All was restored. They built the science project of the century. All is well that ends well

‘Has the power to move hearts and change minds’ - The Guardian.

It certainly changed ours

Dom and Alfie - Year 6



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