Art exhibition helps to adopt animals

Year 2 and 3, as part of their learning journey on, ‘How we could change our beautiful world’ wanted to raise money so they could adopt an animal from Paignton zoo. It was decided that they wanted to help the orangutans and the red panda. They decided that they would like to set up an art exhibition where they could invite the school and parents to look and donate money for their art.

They decided they needed some help with this! So a trip to Trinity School art studio was organised where new art skills were learnt including printing. These were very successful. They continued being artists working with different media including oil pastels and ink. It was wonderful to see the children so engaged and excited about the art exhibition. The outcomes were great and everyone was very impressed with their own work of art. They just hoped that our visitors would feel the same. They were soon to find out as it was time to invite guests.

It was a very busy afternoon with lots of parents, family and friends visiting. They were very positive about what they saw and were very keen to donate money to help us with the adoption of an animal. In fact, it was so successful that not only did they raise enough money to adopt both our animals but enough to adopt three more! What an achievement it was!

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