Autumn Term 2017 Assembly Focus

Composer: Mayte Martin 

Artist: Salvador Dali

Termly Value to focus on and unpack: Excellence

Termly Virtue: Honesty


Assembly Timetable - Autumn 2017


Welcome back. Making this a term for excellence – what does it mean? What will it look like? How will we know this is a school whose strap-line is: Achieving Excellence together?

Look at work of Salvador Dali Introduce composer – how might excellence look different for different people?


The Botanical Gardens Story - Led by Lisa Pash

18.917 Visitors from Devon Air Ambulance
25.9.17 Hindu Festival Ganesh Chaturthi
2.10.17 Open the Book Assembly

Harvest Festival – linked to Botanical Gardens 

16.10.17 World Food Day

Half Term

30.10.17 Safety - Halloween & Bonfire Night
6.11.17 Open the Book Assembly
13.11.17 Honesty - The story of the boy who cried wolf

Excellence - how are we working to be better than we were yesterday

27.11.17 Looking after ourselves - how are you keeping happy and healthy shfi

Open the Book Assembly


The Christmas Story - led by Rev. Annie Church

Christmas Holidays