Summer Term 2017 Assembly Focus

Composer: Evelyn Glennie

Artist: Sokari Douglas Camp

Termly Value to focus on and unpack: Responsibility

Termly Virtues: Perseverance (performance) - 1st Half Term & Community Spirit (Civic) - 2nd Half Term

Theme/ focus: Wellbeing, thriving and flourishing 


Assembly Timetable - Summer 2017


Welcome back. And Welcome to the Summer Term.

Composer – Evelyn Glennie –What is percussion music? Listen – what instruments can you hear? Why might this composer perform in bare feet? How do some people succeed against the odds? What can we learn from the story of Evelyn Glennie?


The art work of Sokari Douglas Camp

Where is Nigeria? How does she use her art to reflect her country of birth? In 2012 All the World is Now Richer, a memorial to commemorate the abolition of slavery was exhibited in The House of Commons. The sculpture was exhibited in St Paul’s Cathedral, London, 2014.

2.5.17 Open the Book Assembly
8.5.17 SATs Week - Team Assemblies
15.5.17 The Joy of the Great Outdoors - Thursday is empty classroom day - what are the joys and benefits of being outside?

The Joy of Reading – what makes a good story? Where do you enjoy reading? How does it make you feel?  

Half Term

12.6.17 Open the Book Assembly
19.6.17 Father's Day - What makes Dads and Grandads so special?
26.6.17 Wimbledon Fortnight – why is this such a prestigious event? How has Andy Murray risen to the top of his game? What can we learn from his story?

Generating positive habits in your life – CW to talk about some of her current reading and how to set goals and then develop habits towards

10.7.17 Open the Book Assembly

Reflect on the year you have had in school – What have you learned? What friendships have

you formed? What are the highlights? What will you take with you into your next year? Pupils from each class could share some of the things that have made this such a special year for them. Share the end of year newsletter/photos – celebrate being a pupil at Shaldon.


End of a year – have wonderful holidays – stay safe and happy.

Summer Holidays