Beach trip boosts learning for Year 4

What a great opportunity Year 4 had last week when they spent a day on Ness beach with Beach Schools South West

Year 4 have been learning about their coasts and have found out some alarming facts about the danger our oceans and wildlife face and the children were interested to find out more.

The weather wasn’t on our side as bitter winds and drizzle dominated the day but this was not to deter any of us from having a great time. They learnt about beach safety, how to survive on a deserted island, shelter building, fire making, toasting marshmallows and finished off with a litter pick and learning more about the dangers of pollution and differences they can make.

On our return we were kindly invited in by the Ode café where they had baked fresh cookies and warmed blackcurrant and apple juice for us to warm our insides and enjoy.  The café’s commitment to helping our environment was inspirational -not a bit of plastic insight as we drank from environmentally friendly cups. We have now been inspired to create a recycled sculpture to stand proudly outside its grounds to inspire, educate and delight passers- by.   

We were also joined by Emma Jane Kirby from BBC Radio 4 who was interested in running a programme about promoting outside learning. She spent the day interviewing and asking questions to the children who shared their passion for the day. The broadcast was successful and the children came across brilliantly, demonstrating our school values clearly. She was even treated to a snippet of our school song, which she loved.

The children now will take away the learning of the day and find ways to educate and inspire other children by presenting their findings. This runs alongside our metacognition work on self- confidence giving them the opportunity to learn and develop their presentational skills.

What an exciting learning journey we are having!


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