Bikeability Training

You may have seen groups of children, sporting high viz jackets, riding around on their bikes in the village in recent weeks. They will have been under the watchful eye and guidance of a specialist trainer teaching them about how to ride safely on safe machines.

The first session began with checks on seats, tyres and brakes, with children learning how to ensure basic maintenance tasks are undertaken before taking to the roads.

Before leaving school, pupils are encouraged to ride in circles, braking when necessary and learning how to be aware of other cyclists. This early training comes into its own once they are out on the roads negotiating other traffic in order to stay safe and prevent putting themselves or other road users at risk.

Our increasingly accomplished riders learn to manage both left and right hand turns, making sure that they signal carefully before making their move. They also learn to manage the road systems and the traffic before being awarded a bikeability certificate at either level 1 or level 2.

We believe it is essential to give our children the skills they need to keep themselves safe, well and happy, so we are delighted they have all received this training and their certification.

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