Bikeability Training for Year 6

Last week, Year 6 took part in a bikeability course. With the help of the instructors, they learnt how to ride they bikes safety on the roads. They started in the playground learning to indicate and signal to other road users while paying attention to the pedestrians. To put their skills to the test, they went riding on the road and learnt all about junctions and road signs and how to communicate with other drivers.

To start off, they just cycled on the quiet roads, but as they improved, they moved on to bigger and busier roads where they really needed to concentrate. After a lot of practise, they finally had finished all the drills and all went for a cycle around the village to see how they would do when they cycled for real putting everything they had learnt to work.     

They were all aiming to get their stage 2 in riding on the road while having fun. Almost everyone passed and had a great time!

It was very much enjoyed and the pupils were sad to end their cycling proficiency training.

Written by Grace Stephens – Yr 6


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