Earth Day 2017

On Friday to celebrate Earth Day, children came into school dressed in all the colours of the Earth, reminding us what a wonderful planet we share and how lucky we are. 

We also thought about how important it is for us to look after it, taking care of it preserve it for future generations.

Year 4 delivered excellent presentations on the importance of recycling and delivered new recycling bins out every class, which we look forward to making good use of as we take greater responsibility for thinking about how we get rid of our rubbish.

Another class read the book The Genie in the Bottle to discover the damage we are doing and to find out ways that we can all work together to tackle global warming.

Through Family Groups, we looked at the waste in our lunch boxes, did some word searches and made posters to raise awareness and read the story Who Will Save Us? By Rebecca Morch. These books were on sale later in the day alongside small booklets reminding everyone about ways they can help protect our beautiful world.


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