Family Groups Timetable - Autumn Term 2017

16.9.17 Welcome to Family Groups Getting to know you session


Older children to explain what happens and to welcome the newest children to the group (year 1 will be here for the first time) If you were an animal what would you like to be? Or think of an adjective and an animal with the same first letter as your name and introduce yourself – eg Charming, Charlie the Cheetah

23.9.17 Plan a journey – over the next two weeks

Look at a map to locate your continent – plan a journey with the group from Shaldon to your continent. Together, make a list of some of the places you could visit on the way (or places any children have visited). What could you bring back from each of those places? What could you bring back from your continent?

30.9.17 Continue from last week Think about the people you might have met on your journey and in your continent – how might life be different for them than for you? What might they have been wearing? What type of food do they eat? What celebrations do they take part in? etc.
7.10.17 Harvest Festival Why is the autumn so special? A celebration of harvest crops – let’s get arty – drawing and painting pictures of autumn and the harvest.
14.10.17 Poetry Share Choose a favourite autumn poem to read together and to perform together or in groups
21.10.17 Book Share What makes a great book?

Half Term

4.11.17 Bonfire night – celebrations and safety Make wonderful firework pictures or bring in toilet rolls to make rockets with tissue streamers; discuss the importance of staying safe whilst having fun
11.11.17 Remembrance Make a poppy field
18.11.17 Finding a space to be calm

Waterfall or White light Relaxation exercise - share what your waterfall was like – can you describe it to a partner who tries to draw it on your back?

25.11.17 Honesty – what does it mean and why is it important?

The story of the Ladybird and how it got its spots The children could act the story out or discuss it or make a story-board. Encourage the children to

think about why the honest ladybird was able to lead the others.

2.12.17 Book Share Book Share
9.12.17 Christmas Decorations Make snowflakes and paper chains together
16.12.17 Christmas Parties  

Christmas Holidays



Forest School

In our family groups we take part in Forest School as a part of our commitment to outside learning and vertically tiered learning opportunities. Click on the link below to find why Forest School Day is already high on the list of best days of school for many of our pupils.

Forest School at Shaldon