Family Groups Timetable - Summer Term 2017

21.4.17 Looking after the environment


Litter pick, re-use, reduce, recycle posters;

Read: Who Will Save Us?

Think about the rubbish we are throwingaway every day in class – what could we do better?

This will be a non-uniform day – year 6 will be selling booklets and the Who Will Save Us? books

28.4.17 Making something from nothing

Collect the paper/card etc. being thrown away this week in school – challenge the children to make some “interesting” sculptures – how do we make something out of nothing.

5.5.17 Sea Safety Lifeguard Visit
12.5.17 What makes the oceans so special Ho do we need to look after the oceans? Painting and drawing of sea creatures to create an underwater collage.
18.5.17 The Great Outdoors This week is empty classroom day. Family Groups wil be outside for the whole day.
26.5.17 Book Share What makes a great book?

Half Term

16.6.17 The Joys of Summer What makes the summer such a special season? Talk, draw, paint..
23.6.17 Planting seeds Plants are important for the planet – we have a responsibility to look after them and also to plant them if we can – plant sunflowers or Nasturtians – something easy to grow!
30.6.17 Book Share

Bring in your favourite book to share withyour family group

7.7.17 Developing awareness of the world around you  
14.7.17 Staying safe when out and about  
21.7.17 Happy Summer Holidays Whole school picnic and games outside

Summer Holidays



Forest School

In our family groups we take part in Forest School as a part of our commitment to outside learning and vertically tiered learning opportunities. Click on the link below to find why Forest School Day is already high on the list of best days of school for many of our pupils.

Forest School at Shaldon