Finding out about Fish!

Last week, Year 5 went to Morrisons in Teignmouth to find out how much sustainable fish there was to buy in a supermarket. The children got the opportunity to study whole fresh fish in detail and learnt that many of them are landed at Brixham, just down the road. A particular highlight was being shown the insides of a squid (including its ink sac) by the fishmonger. 

The rest of the trip was spent searching for canned, frozen and fresh fish that had the blue MSC logo. They found out that there was a lack of MSC-approved fish, particularly from Morrisons themselves. In addition, they noticed that the prices for MSC fish tended to be higher than non-sustainably sourced products.

The trip certainly gave everyone food for thought and provided some ideas for activities to share their learning with Redhills pupils after half term. 

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