Goodbye Year 6!

What a lovely evening we had last night, celebrating a highly successful year for our Year 6 pupils as they reach the end of their time in primary school.  It was wonderful to hear the children singing at the tops of their voices even though they must be hoarse after a few days camping at Young Spirit – where a limited amount of sleep took place!

FOSS awarded each of the children with a wonderful year book – all pulled together by Debs Roberts and we are grateful to her and to FOSS for their continued support of the pupils across the school.

The evening also provided an opportunity to say thank you to Ben Miles for his endless passion for a new initiative and the legacy of the sea school that he leaves us with as his children move onto pastures new.

We hope the Year 6 will take many happy memories with them into the future and that the lessons learned here will serve them well in the future. We will miss each and every one of them and wish them every success as they leave us as the oldest in the school to go on to secondary and start again as the youngest pupils. They leave with our very best wishes and our hope that they will achieve all of their dreams.

Congratulations to our Award Winners:

Helen Foundation Award: Mei Lin for Musical and Artistic Talent- presented by Roger and Annie Kirk

Jean Furniss Roe Arts Prize: Song Bartlett for musical and literary talent

Citizenship: Sam Ridgway for being a thoroughly nice boy who is values-driven

Manners Award: Corey Wakenshaw for wonderful manners

Poetry Award: Eugenia Gilbert for some wonderful poetry writing over the year

Sports Boy: Albin Irving and Louis Cook

Sports Girl: Ashlie-Brooke Buchannan

Head Pupil: Bea Endall

Class Teacher Award: Paige-Leigh for being an amazing asset to the class

Head Teacher Award: Cody Cook and Grace Roberts for living the school values on a daily basis

Academic Award: Josh Powles



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