Celebrating Harvest

This year, the school celebrated harvest in St. Peter's Church and based their theme around sharing.  The learning journey started with the children asking questions about harvest... ‘What does harvest mean to us?’ ‘What does harvest mean to others?What does it mean to share?’ ‘How can we share?’ ‘How does it feel to share?’ and ‘What can we share?’  It all ended with very different outcomes, and they shared their learning with joy, happiness and thankfulness.

Reception and Year 1 used the story of ‘Handa's Surprise’ to understand the theme of sharing. The children told the story of Handa, a little girl, who packed a basket of fruit to share with her friend Akeyo. On her journey to Akeyo's house, Handa met lots of different animals. When she arrived at Akeyo's house, it wasn't only Akeyo that had a surprise!! 

Yr 2 brought ‘The Stone Soup’ story to life, explaining how no-one wanted to share their food with strangers.  These two travellers decided to make a soup out of stone, and cleverly announced how delicious it smelt. The town’s people were curious and began to add ingredients to the soup, which made it smell and taste even more delicious.  After a while, there was enough soup for everyone to share. By the townspeople and travellers working together, with everyone contributing what they could, a greater good was achieved.

In Year 3, they started their learning journey by looking at the word ‘Harvest’ and what this means. They looked at different kinds of fruits and vegetables and how they were harvested.  They then focussed on the harvest of cocoa beans. They were introduced to this learning by having an afternoon of tasting chocolate and deciding which one was their favourite. Surprisingly, dark chocolate had the most votes!  When they looked closely at the packaging of this chocolate, they noticed that it was made in the Ivory Coast. This was the country that they spent some time learning about, as it is the main cocoa supplier. At the harvest celebration, they exhibited an animation,which showed the process of production, transportation and delivery to our shops. 

Year 4 studied the banana trade for their harvest learning journey. They explained what prices workers and companies received for a banana, which costs us 30p in our shops.  They went on to explain why buying Fair Trade products benefits the farm workers, land owners and distributors in a better way, so that the price of a banana is more fairly shared.

Year 5 looked at how different elements work together to produce our food.  They learnt what life is like for people in parts of Afghanistan, and how enormous and sustainable projects run by Christian Aid impact and help the people of this country.

Year 6 thought it would be a great idea to support the charity Toilet Twinning, with funds raised at the Harvest Festival. This charity aims to provide toilets in the poorest countries in the world, including in schools. They are hoping to raise enough money to provide a block of toilets in one of the poorest corners of the world.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the stock of harvest produce which we were able to sell after the harvest celebration.  Your purchases and donations enabled the school to raise an amazing total of £320. A big thank you also goes to St. Peter's Church for the use of their lovely church and sound equipment.


























































































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