Harvest Festival 2017

This year’s Harvest Festival celebration was focussed around the Botanical Gardens, with a special theme on the virtue of gratitude and the wonderful beauty that surrounds us. 
As a school, we reflected and appreciated all that we have around us and wanted to show our thanks to people past and present, who work relentlessly to maintain our local area. 
The theme was strongly linked to Homeyards and was focussed around the Botanical Gardens where the school has recently been part of helping groups of volunteers to celebrate the grand opening of the renovated castle. Volunteers from the community have worked relentlessly to restore it to its former glory.
Recently, Year 6 played a part in acting out the history of how Homeyards and the Botanicals were an inspiration and secret passion of Maria Homeyards and how she and her workers created and built the gardens and houses, planting many varieties of trees and shrubs to create a beautiful space for us all. 
Our celebration was well attended, with many parents, grandparents and friends, who enjoyed the singing and were able to learn a little bit of the history of how Homeyards and the Botanicals became what it is today.

We are very grateful to Shaldon Bakery for donating a wonderful bread wheat sheaf and to our parents and families for donating to the end of service collection, which raised £202 for Devon Air Ambulance and the generous donations of food and produce which we donated to the HITS food bank.





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