Healthy Lifestyles Day

Here at Shaldon School, we are keen to promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing for all our pupils and families and we have focused on this through our assemblies this half term. Today, we built on this work with a dedicated day of activities linked to staying healthy through eating well, exercising and keeping ourselves happy.

Our healthy lifestyles focus began with a talk by Dr James Rowbury, who told us how to keep our bodies happy and healthy through good diet and exercise, getting the right amount of sleep, avoiding smoking, drugs and too much sugar. He told us how much sugar is in some of the foods we all enjoy, as well as hidden sugars that we are less aware of. He spoke about the importance of looking after our teeth, as well, as they have to last us a lifetime! 

Throughout the day there were a number of interactive, hand-on activities for all the classes, including Aikido sessions, led by Robert Heard; a physical fitness workout workshop, led by Jo and Jon from Broadmeadow Sports Centre; a nutrition workshop led by Polly, a Nutritionist, from Teignbridge District Council; a hand washing workshop to learn about the importance of clean hands in avoiding the spread of disease, led by Nick, an Environmental Officer from Teignbridge District Council and a posture workshop, led by Anneliese Slader, and her friend, the skeleton!

In the afternoon, Years Five and Six were treated to two workshops, led by Bert Bond. Bert is a Science Lecturer at Exeter University. He spoke about the cardio vascular system and how to care for your heart. Through the use of a range of gold (representing carbon dioxide) and white (representing oxygen) balloons, pupils took a fully interactive role in learning how oxygen is carried around the body in the blood.

The final half hour of the afternoon was spent with Bert talking to pupils and parents about the damage sugar and fat does to the arteries. It is safe to say, we were all a little shocked at some of the drinks he showed and just how much sugar each one contains.

Bert has suggested that the school might get involved with some of his research projects in the future, particularly looking at the impact of all that sugar on our behaviour. We have told him we would love to be involved.

Pupils have been thrilled to learn more about looking after themselves, and their questions showed a great depth of insight and understanding of this important knowledge - it is vital that they take care of their bodies now.

Thanks go to all our volunteers today. Children should have arrived home exhausted but exhilarated, armed with a wealth of information on how to keep their bodies functioning at maximum capacity - after all, as Bert pointed out, we have the same cardio vascular system as Usain Bolt and Mo for long as it is in the five a day category!

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