Official Opening of the Botanical Gardens

What a wonderful culmination of all the hard work that year 6 have put into the performance for the opening ceremony of the Botanical Gardens. People were incredibly impressed by the high standard of singing, performing and art work in the shape of the trees, which all pulled together to tell the story of the history of this local attraction.

The sun shone for us as Leon Winston unfurled the story as a narrator and pupils worked alongside Bill Bates, AKA Roger Kirk, to build the stone walls or with Matt Wilding AKA William Sears - head gardener back in the day to develop this wonderful shared space.

Six of our pupils were lucky enough to be invited guests of Mr Homeyard and Miss Hamilton, taking tea on the terrace and sharing in a toast of the wonderful medicine which made it all possible - Liqufruta.

Viv Wilson, local historian commented "The children should be very proud of their dedicated approach and concentration throughout. I hope they will hold in their hearts the fact they have have been important cogs in an historical wheel that will roll on into the future.....and they will remember for always, take pride in and perhaps one day even find employment in horticulture, garden design, music making, film making, local history! I was also truly impressed by their miniature gardens in the castle Very hearty congratulations all roundIt is easy to see why Shaldon School gets such excellent results!"

What a great day was had by one and all.



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