Outdoor Activities in Brixham for Year 3

With the weather in our favour, it made for a fantastic day for Year 3 to go to Brixham to indulge in some outdoor activities. 

The children were very lucky to have a canoeing session, something which particularly went down a treat! With a lot of determination and team work, the children worked exceptionally well to paddle the canoes along the coastline of Brixham. Along the way bought many treats including seal spotting (which they were so excited about) and tasting some of Devon's finest seaweed! This went down well for some, but not so much for others! 

As part of the trip, the children also took part in a treasure hunt style activity whilst walking through different parts of Brixham. It was clear to see that all of the children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and many said it was the best day of year 3! I can't imagine why?!

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