Pastoral Care  

Charmain Povey is the Safeguarding & Pastoral Advisor for Shaldon Primary School. 

Charmain is here to assist children and parents on their journey through primary school and all the challenges that come with this journey; whether they are emotional, physical or any difficulty that impacts on your child’s learning and becomes a barrier to them achieving their very best.

She can signpost parents and carers to information or support to enable them to get back on track. Often local government information changes or forms become more complicated; She is constantly informed of these changes and can support you to navigate your way around them. 

If you have some kind of difficulty however trivial or difficult it might seem and this may impact on your child’s education please speak to Mrs Povey as communication is key. 

Chairmain is supported by Mrs Wendy Parr, our Academy's Head of Safeguarding & Inclusion.