Pen Pals create a History Book

Year 6 were delighted to meet up again with their elderly penpals to share stories on a range of topics from today and from “back in the day” in order to create a shared history book full of the similarities and contrasts of party bags, carnivals, bonfire night celebrations amongst a range of other childhood memories: going out to play at dawn, returning home, tired and hungry at dusk compared to going out with your mobile phone and having to report in on the hour; receiving just a piece of cake and a balloon (if you were very lucky) from a party held at home, to parties at River Dart Country Park or Laser Quest with everyone invited! How times have changed!

The hall was buzzing as the pupils welcomed their penfriends, plying them with tea and a range of cakes from flapjacks, & bakewells, to lemon drizzle & chocolate crispy cakes – each one a perfect afternoon treat. The visitors brought in photographs, letters and other memorabilia from their own youth to share and talk about and the children were truly enraptured by the tales of the past. Michael brought in poems to share and everyone quickly relaxed into the welcome that was offered.

Class teacher, Janet Gordge said she was incredibly proud of all of the children who have worked hard to make sure their guests enjoy their visit.

Chloe Myers, office manager at Volunteering in Health, who has worked with the school to mastermind this project and help sustain it said: “It has been a real pleasure to see our clients so animated when talking to the pupils. They really look forward to these meetings and to hearing what the children are doing in school. We are thrilled to be building bridges across the generations and look forward to getting together again in May.”

In May the pen pals will meet up again to create each others’ portraits and to create clay tiles of local scenes to be displayed in the Funky Aardvark gallery in Teignmouth throughout the month of June. To finish the year, the penfriends will meet up again for an afternoon of croquet and cream teas and to say goodbye before year 6 move onto secondary school. We hope that the friendships formed will continue to blossom into the future.  

For a gallery of photos from this wonderful afternoon please click here 

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