Penpal Portrait Painting

What a wonderful afternoon was had by one and all when Year 6 invited their penfriends back into school for an afternoon of portrait painting and drawing under the expert tuition and close supervision of Tim Starkey who kindly gave up his birthday afternoon to join us and teach us all about the proportions of the face, before setting everyone off with the task of drawing or painting their partner. The results have been quite fantastic and will be on display in Funky Aardvark in Teignmouth throughout June. 

Volunteering in Health will be taking over the central exhibition space to showcase some of their work including this project. We hope by then, the history book will be finished and ready for display and to buy. The project just keeps growing and next Friday morning, we look forward to inviting our friends back in to create some clay tiles of local scenes which will also form part of the exhibition. 

So many of the friendships have now taken on their own steam – with friends sending cards and letters, emailing, arranging trips out and looking forward to these regular meetings. We hope that these friendships will continue long into the future and look forward to hearing about how they continue to grow.



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