Penpals Create Clay Tiles

It was wonderful to invite our penpals, neighbours and grandparents into school to work with us making clay tiles depicting local scenes and landmarks on Friday morning. After an introduction to clay and how to get the best out of our designs, from visiting artist in residence, Lisa, we all set to work, building up the design or scoring it out to show seabirds, lighthouses, the pier, the bridge, shells, beach huts and a wealth of other local attractions.

Lisa took us through the process step by step, including painting them from a limited pallet including sepia colours, monochrome and more vibrant colour selections - these colour choices are intended to show the passing of time to reflect how the local scenes have changed to become the ones we recognise today.

The finished tiles, once varnished, will be on display in local Teignmouth gallery, Funky Ardvark, throughout June, alongside the portraits that were created last week under the guidance of local artist, Tim Starkey, and copies of the history book which the penpals have produced together. This will be on sale for £5 in school and at Volunteering in Health, in Teignmouth.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Roger and Annie Kirk at the Helen Foundation for their generosity in funding this event and for joining us to see it in action. Thank you! We really value your enthusiasm and continued support for this ongoing project.


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