Pets Galore!

Following on from our visit from 'Itchy' (read more here) Reception Class have also welcomed Skipper (a lively springer spaniel), Timmy (a rather slow tortoise) and Coco (a cat ) who likes to hide in the darkest corners of the classroom.

Skipper belongs to Sally who works in the office. Sally has taught Skipper many different tricks and we loved watching Skipper ‘roll over’, holding out his paw and even doing a ‘high five’! We also learnt that Skipper has his teeth brushed regularly and that he sleeps in a basket in the kitchen.

Timmy the tortoise belongs to Joshua . Timmy is a very old tortoise. Every Autumn Timmy hibernates for the winter and then wakes up when he feels the warm sun. He loves to be tickled under the chin. If he feels frightened Timmy will hide his head in his shell.

Finally we had a visit from Lewis’ cat called Coco. Coco was celebrating her first birthday. She loved exploring the classroom. We learnt that Coco is a short haired cat. She likes to go outside and returns when Lewis rattles her treats.





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