Pupils attend Parish Council Meeting

A small but very capable group of Year 6 pupils attended last nights Shaldon Parish Council meeting to thank members for their kind donation for the Tall Ships expedition. Charlotte, Alfie and Oli spoke very well and enjoyed answering questions from the council.  All were amazed to hear about the adventures and the children’s efforts to raise funds for the trip too.

Oli and Alfie stayed on to listen to all of the items on the agenda taking notes in the notebook the clerk had kindly provided - complete with lollies which were much appreciated! They found it fascinating and have been tasked with a special mission. The parish council would like to involve the school in designing some sticker posters for Shaldon bins to encourage people to take their rubbish home when the bins become full, rather than just leave the rubbish around the bin on the floor.

The children were also presented with a book about parish councils to take back to share with the rest of the class.

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