Pupils go to the Polls

On the last day of term, Year 6 hosted their own election in order to learn more about the way government and parliament work. With a forthcoming General Election, it seemed pertinent for our pupils to be aware of what it means to live in a democratic society. Having considered individually what they would do if they were Prime Minister and then as Chancellor of the Exchequer, they formed their own political parties allocating ministers to the departments they thought most important: their choices included Education, Health, Recreation, The Environment among many others.  

Each then wrote a manifesto before working together to deliver their campaign speeches, wearing the brightly coloured rosettes that they had made and referring to the campaign posters that they had displayed around the school.

In place of Family Groups, the whole school poured into the hall to hear the passionate and well informed speeches from the five parties: TOP, All 4 One, The Chocolate Party, Vibrance and Unity. Once the speeches had been delivered, the hall was transformed into a polling station and pupils were invited back with their personal polling cards, which once crossed off the electoral roll, were exchanged for voting slips to be completed and placed in the ballot box before being counted up by the returning officer of the day.

The atmosphere was very lively – electric almost – with one adult being heard to say “If only real elections were this exciting!”

A great day was had by all with Vibrance gaining a majority of ten over the next party – TOP. Not a landslide victory, so we are pleased to know there will be a strong opposition. Let’s hope that June 8th delivers an equally credible government for all of us.

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