At Shaldon Primary School our ultimate aim is to teach children the skills to read with confidence, fluency, understanding and enjoyment.

To achieve this aim, children are taught to read using both a synthetic and systematic approach to phonics.

Letters and Sounds is used to support the daily teaching of phonics in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  In addition, the stories, actions and songs from Jolly Phonics are used to support the children in learning new sounds.

During the sequence of teaching, teachers use a range of techniques and additional resources to support progression eg magnetic letters, roll ‘n’ write letters etc

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All children are encouraged to take books home each evening, to practise and reinforce the skills taught in school. In the early days of the Foundation Stage, pupils are supported in their learning with word books, caption cards and ‘tricky word’ bookmarks.

Throughout the Foundation Stage and Year 1 pupils take home phonics decodeable reading books. At first the books will be those that they have read in class as a part of their guided or individual reading. As the pupils become more confident readers they will take home other phonics decodeable books that they may not have had the chance to look at in class. All the reading books are very carefully selected to meet the individual needs of each child.

A variety of reading schemes are used throughout the Foundation Stage and Year 1 and the books closely match the different phases of ‘Letters and Sounds’. eg Floppy’s phonics, Songbird, Traditional Tales (Oxford Reading Tree) and Phonics Bug

In Year 2 pupils read from a range of books within the Accelerated Reading scheme. Pupils requiring additional support access books from the Rapid Reading scheme.

Pupils are encouraged to take home books from the class libraries. These may be shared at home with an adult and will further enhance pupils’ interests and enjoyment in reading.