Shaldon Beach School

What an exciting learning journey Years 3, 4 and 5 have had this term, with such purposeful outcomes, teaching them true life skills. The children were given the question… 'Can we inspire and educate others about our coasts?'

Year 5 looked at the trade and goods which have an importance to Teignmouth and the surrounding area: fishing and ball clay. The children learnt about the impact of fishing on the environment and the stock of fish we have. They found that there is a big problem with fish being accidently caught as bycatch and researched where to find sustainably sourced fish with the blue MSC logo in local shops. The class also visited the historical source of the rare and valuable resource of ball clay not far from home at Decoy Country Park. In addition, they saw where ball clay and an entire range of other goods are imported and exported through the Port of Teignmouth. 
Years 3 and 4’s focus was on studying how our coasts and oceans are under threat. The children decided they would like to find out how they could help with the ever-increasing threat of pollution. They visited Plymouth Aquarium where they observed the experts in action and had a visit from South West Beach Schools. 
Once armed with their new knowledge, the children decided to open a beach school and set to 
work developing presentations to deliver inspirational education to children from Redhills Primary School in Exeter. The classes had to think carefully about how they would be able to deliver this on the beach without any computers or whiteboards and ensure they said their lines loud enough to be heard above the sea! 
The pupils from Redhills were invited to spend the day on Shaldon Beach to learn from the Shaldon pupils. They were fantastic learners and a great example on how to be a good audience. The Shaldon contingent wowed everyone with their confident delivery and inspirational message. 
All children also took part in a variety of activities including fish tasting, pebble painting, ‘fish monopoly’ and clay modelling.  
A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by children from both schools!

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