South Hams outing for Year 5

Year 5 jumped on the minibuses and headed to the South Hams coastline for a day full of learning. Rumours of a whale sighting spread through the bus on our arrival at the war memorial (which was later confirmed as a humpback whale!) We headed to the viewing point at Slapton where we observed the coastal landscape and compared artist impressions of the area from thousands of years ago to study the changes over time.

Back on the bus to go to Beesands where we identified and learned about different types of rocks on the beach and where they came from. Did you know that the spotty rocks came from the volcano that used to be on Dartmoor and have been washed down the rivers and along the coast over millions of years?! We then discussed different types of sea defences and considered the cost vs benefit of them – did you know that the rip rap boulders came all the way from Sweden?!

Our final port of call was Hallsands to visit the village that was washed in the sea. On arrival we did some beach combing to find things that did belong, didn’t belong and things that were a mystery. We then finally got to see the ruins of the village and learned about its history. Sir John Jackson was at fault for dredging 650,000 tonnes of shingle to extend the dock at Devonport in 1917!). We were amazed that no one died in the storms 3 years later and learned that the entire village took shelter in the chapel as the houses were washed into the sea.

A fabulous day of outdoor learning and plenty of experiences to digest back in the classroom!





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