Technology Showcase at Plymouth University

This week the children in Year 3 visited Plymouth University for a technology day. The day started with a carousel of activities involving a lot of coding and programming skills. These ranged from programming a Lego crocodile to open and close its mouth; using code to complete levels on Minecraft; controlling a Sphero ball to move around the classroom using an iPad and making a pac-man controller out of play dough! The children loved each of these activities and learnt lots from them.

The children were then invited to an Immersive Theatre. This was a huge domed display, where the children were on tilted seats looking up around them. They were taken on a journey to outer space, looking at each part in detail of our solar system and universe. They then experienced what it was like to be inside a spacecraft. They found this fascinating and felt like they were truly in space which was amazing to see! 

What an incredible trip that immersed them all into the uses of new technology and allowed them to experience types of technology that they have never seen before! 


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