Teignmouth Fire Station Trip

Year 2 had a very exciting afternoon yesterday as they visited Teignmouth Fire Station. It started with getting to know the firemen, learning about who they are and what they do! They then began to talk about how they put out fires today compared to all those years ago when the Great Fire of London happened - a project that Year 2 have been learning about! 

They then got to the very exciting part which started with looking at the firemen's uniform all ready incase of a fire. The children thought it looked like 'our schools cloakroom!' The children then went to find the fire engine parked outside ready to have a go at using the hose! They were so fascinated by this and loved pretending to be just like a fire fighter! They then had a fabulous time climbing into the fire engine and trying on the fire helmets which were just slightly too big! 

It was clear to see that the children had a wonderful trip that allowed them to learn lots and come back full of passion and aspiration to become fire fighters! 



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