Teignmouth Mayor visits Year 6 pupils

Year 6 were lucky to have a visit from the Teignmouth Town Mayor, Paul Burgess, who spoke about his role in the community. He likened the role to being a school council, explaining that he was elected for a year to represent the queen in ceremonial duties. He explained that his role means he is in charge of the council lord, which means he may need to be diplomatic when listening to opposing sides of an argument. He said the job is a privilege as he gets to visit many schools and local organisations which he thoroughly enjoys.

He explained that the purpose of his visit was to encourage us to get involved in our community. He went on to ask about what we enjoy about Christmas. Answers ranged from the presents, being with the family, being around happy people, the lights, dancing around the tree and singing songs, the food. This linked to his plans to organise a Christmas carol evening bringing all the local schools together on 14th December at St Michael's church where he hoped we would sing a song of our choice as well as singing with the other schools. In addition, he wanted two children to write a short speech about what Christmas means to them. We are looking forward to hearing all the speeches, before selecting two for the concert.

We are looking forward to celebrating with other schools in the community and hope to give the audience a wonderful festive treat.

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