Teignmouth Music Festival

Last week, despite the imminent blizzard whirling its way towards Teignmouth, Year 5 took part in a day-long music festival with other local schools at Teignmouth Community School, Exeter Road. The children put their newly-learnt brass skills to the test in the morning by learning a new and more challenging piece and had a highly enjoyable afternoon singing as a class and with other schools.

All this fun was in preparation for the big concert in the evening, with well over a hundred Mums, Dads and general music fans in the audience. Class 5 did Shaldon proud with an accomplished rendition of Twelve Bar Blues, followed by a near-pitch-perfect version of Pharell Williams’  ‘Happy’. After a short wait whilst TCS students wowed the audience with their violin playing, all the children were back on stage for the final two songs.

Everyone enjoyed the chance to share their efforts with friends and family, demonstrating admirable self-confidence.  Thanks has to go to Mrs Price for working so hard on the singing and brass lessons and to Kip Pratt for organising such a wonderful event. We at Shaldon are always grateful for their efforts in putting on such wonderful musical opportunities for them.

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