Reception Class visit Shaldon Bakery

Reception class have been reading the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and when they returned to school after the Easter holidays they discovered that their role play area had been turned into the cottage belonging to the ‘little old woman and the little old man’.

The children have taken it in turns to dress up as the different characters and act out the story in the classroom.

Last week the class walked to Shaldon Bakery  to buy a Gingerbread Man and they had lots of questions to ask the baker! They found out the names of the different ingredients needed to buy in order to make Gingerbread Men. When they returned to school the class ate their Gingerbread Man. The children decided that the ginger makes them quite hot to eat!

Next week the class are going to the grocers to buy the ingredients to make their very own Gingerbread men!

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