Westminster Education Forum

The school were honoured to be recognised for their continuing work on character development this week, when headteacher, Cheryl Weyman, was invited to Whitehall to speak at the Westminster Education Forum to explain the work being done, here in Shaldon, to promote and develop our future citizens - the people we need to help make the world a little stronger, brighter, more compassionate and more involved in the communities they live.

Miss Weyman was able to share the way that everything we do at Shaldon is underpinned by our shared vision and ethos - a vision and ethos which is now so firmly embedded it has become the living, breathing essence of the school, providing the foundations for our school community to build their collective values, which can be recited, recognised, celebrated and explained by any pupil at Shaldon.

Making the theory more tangible through sharing a practical approach, Miss Weyman talked about some of the current work being undertaken in Year 6 in partnership with local charity, Volunteering in Health. Year 6 have been busy writing letters to older members of the community and have been thrilled to receive some wonderful replies full of mini history lessons - the teacher who spent his day smoking a clay pipe, the single, female teachers who insisted on being called auntie and being given a kiss at the end of the day, following lessons in the comfort of their own homes, amongst many others. 

Miss Weyman explained how this project is growing into regular correspondence, along with visits and our forthcoming violin concert and open afternoon, where pupils and penpals will meet face to face. This helps us to live our mission statement in which we hope our children will use their time in and beyond school to make a positive difference to themselves, others and the world around them.

Miss Weyman is pictured below with Lord Blunkett who was chairing the panel

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