Wonders of Space

To start the Summer Term, Year Five visited the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth to learn more about the  Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars.

They had a very informative talk by David Strange, an expert astronomer, about the things that can be seen in the sky and just how huge everything in space is. After the talk, everyone sat down in the planetarium to see some of the main constellations that are visible from Earth. The children also learnt that we can’t see all the stars in the sky as half of them are only visible from the Southern Hemisphere. Subsequently, they split into two groups to visit the telescopes and the meteorite detection centre. Through the telescope they were lucky enough to see the moon up close with all its craters and ‘seas’. At the meteorite detection centre, they got to hold a small fragment of a meteorite that had fallen to Earth from space and saw the computer detect some live meteorites fall to Earth!

Lastly, the class saw a vintage model of the solar system, which was powered by clockwork, that gave everyone lots of ideas how they might be able to make their own working model of the Earth, Moon and Sun.

The trip was a fascinating insight into the wonders of space.


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