Year 1 - Learning Journey Autumn Term

Year 1 were asked by Mrs Youd if they will take the Reception children on a ‘Teddy Bear Hunt’ at the end of term to help our youngest children find their way around the school. 

We needed to learn map-making skills to help us become real geographers and take on the challenge set by Mrs Youd. We began by mapping out our classroom with labels.

We then learnt that maps use symbols and a key instead of words, so we created a key as a class and used it to make our classroom maps even better.

Next we had a go at using maps ourselves to find our way around the school and work out what the different symbols in a key might be.

Then we designed our own key for the most important places in the outdoor areas of our school and put them on our very own maps.

When our maps were ready, it was time to work with Year 2, and help the Reception children find the teddy bears we had hidden outside.

The Reception children found all our teddies using our maps! We had a lovely picnic altogether to celebrate our hard work. We even got to watch the animation of our class book: 'We're going on a bear hunt', as we munched our tasty cakes.


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