Year 3 Residential

What an experience Year 3 had this week. For many, it was a chance to overcome fears and experience a level of independence they had not known before. The residential started off with a long hike to our overnight accommodation at Dewerstone cottage. The children's spirits were not dampened, even with a heavy downpour of rain, which made our arrival even sweeter. After a spot of lunch, the children had some time to settle in to their environment and get their dorms ready for the night. 

Following this, the children then had to help make their own dinner of tartiflette, which they did with the precision and creativity of Gordon Ramsey. After a short time in the oven, the class were able to enjoy an extremely tasty meal before being treated to a chocolate fondue. Once their bellies had been filled, the class donned their warm clothes and headed out into the woods for an evening stroll. In the woods, the group stumbled upon the 'climber's hut' where they had a drink of hot chocolate and played a trio of team games. After making their way back to the cottage, the children then got themselves prepared for their night away from home. 

The next morning, with smiles on their faces, the class woke bright and early to enjoy a hearty breakfast. Their activity for the morning was scrambling and weaselling, which involved hiking up to a tor and navigating their path though holes created in the rock formations. Thoroughly exhausted, the class meandered their way back to the cosy cottage to have their final meal of homemade pizza. Finally, the group put on their hiking gear one last time and set off in search of the minibuses and the prospect of returning to their parents. 

The class proved just how much they have grown up in Year 3 and everyone involved had an extremely enjoyable time. We hope it will be a memory that will stay with the children for years to come.



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