Year 3 become Master Chefs!

To round off their Pizza Learning Journey, Year 3 became Master Chefs for the day at ODE&Co.

Before the trip, the children had planned and designed their very own pizzas so that they were ready to make them for real. When at the ODE&Co, the children worked in groups of 3 to make their pizza. They were shown how to roll the dough into the correct shape and then have a go for themselves. They then added the tomato sauce ready for the toppings to be added. With the organic toppings all being locally sourced, the children were able to learn lots about the produce they were using. 

Once the toppings had been added to make a truly appetizing pizza, the children were able to watch it being put in the wood fired oven, cooked by a professional chef! The anticipation of watching it cook was very exciting, but of course, eating it was the best part! 

Special thanks to ODE&Co for a wonderful afternoon!


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