Year 4 - Outdoor Education

What a fantastic time year 4 had at Havenbanks for outdoor education week. The weather was perfect for embracing the outdoors. They all had a go at experiencing new adventures and learnt lots of new skills whilst having so much fun! They learnt about caving which led them through deep, dark tunnels; they had to keep their cool. Rock climbing where many reached the top and then were taught to abseil carefully back down.

Kayaking on the water was great fun- they played games such as bull dog and fruit salad- they even had to crawl along the front and give their kayaks an eskimo kiss! This involved a few casualties falling over board. As for the bell boating- well they had such a fun time splashing all the kayaks and singing songs all the way along the canal; it certainly entertained the public as they walked along the footpaths!

Finally, but not least, they experienced what it was like to ride a dragon boat with its beating drum. Team work was crucial as they had to keep the oars moving at the same time. What better way to finish the day but with a refreshing jump into the canal! So much fun was had by everyone! We love the outdoors!

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