Year 4 raise awareness of Plastic Pollution

This term, Year 4 pupils have been on a mission to inform and educate the rest of the school and the local community about the effects of plastic on our environment. They set out to reduce their plastic foot print and create a talking point in the community to bring awareness to others.

They began by looking at the school and organised themselves into teams to research how plastic was being used. Their findings showed that there were simple and realistic changes that could be made. They discovered that the KS1 milk was delivered, wrapped in plastic and each carton had a plastic straw attached to it. The children thought of an action plan and decided to write a letter to the milk company requesting other means in which it could be delivered. 

The next task was to work deeper into the community and bring awareness further afield.  

Many ideas and suggestions were discussed but it was finally agreed that a recycled sculpture would be great as a means to raise awareness and create a talking point. We approached Café ODE in Shaldon who were happy to display the finished piece. Designs were created, judges put in place and after much deliberation a final design was chosen. Recycled materials (set out by the design) were collected and when all parts of the sculpture were ready the construction began. The now finished sculpture stands proudly for all to see at the Café ODE, Ness Cove, Shaldon so please do take a visit.

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