Year 5 Residential at Pixies Holt

What a great residential trip our Year 5 class had at Pixies Holt on Dartmoor this week

The children enjoyed lots of new challenges, including stepping stones, weaselling, rock scrambling and abseiling. Although possibly one of the most difficult tasks was making their own beds each morning!

The children all worked brilliantly together taking responsibility, having fun and showing many of the school values.

Check out the photo gallery from this trip here.

Residential Reviews!

Jennie - "I liked the weaselling best because I love small places and I nearly got stuck. It was really funny"

Jack R - "They were legendary days, filled with sun and laughter. Good times!"

Ivy - "Pixies Holt is daring and fun, full of excitement".

Finn - "The rooms were great because the beds were laid out nicely"

Jack C - "Teamwork and friendship. What more can I say?"

Maisie - "I had a lifetime's experiences at Pixies Holt"

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