Year 5 Residential to Pixies Holt

Monday morning started brightly, with Year 5 arriving promptly in our finest adventuring clothes, ready for an action-packed couple of days on Dartmoor. We were whisked away on time and shortly were stuck behind a duo of tractors for a slow crawl on the final strait to our destination. 

Once we'd found our rooms, we were kept busy (especially the teachers) making our beds. Many of the boys developed some interesting techniques for putting their bedding on which often resulted in them being inside their sheets, rather than their duvets! 

In the afternoon, Mr Coe joined us for a walk to the river with his dog Charlie. Once down by the river, we had a nature treasure hunt with everyone doing fantastically in finding most of the items on the list. Afterwards, we set off further upstream for the main event: crossing the river via some widely-spaced stepping stones. Whilst some children were nervous, everyone rose to the challenge and made it across. Miss Young bravely sacrificed her dry shoes in order to save the iPad when losing her footing helping Travis. 

After returning the Pixies Holt (slightly muddier and wetter than before) we had some free time before a delicious dinner of Chicken Korma. Elizabeth proudly told everyone how she'd had curry three nights running - lucky her! Next that evening, Miss Young kept us all entertained with some team games and even got us writing some poetry too! The winning team impressed us by somehow fitting kangaroos into a poem about teamwork. 

Following a peaceful (for some) night's sleep and a delicious cooked breakfast, everyone set out for Hound Tor for a day of adventure among the rocks. The weather was very kind to us with the sun shining all day and views stretching all the way back to Teignmouth. We were split into three groups and everyone had a go at scrambling (climbing with no ropes) over a rocky ridge and climbing. Perhaps the most popular activity of the day was 'weasling' where we had to squeeze through gaps in the rocks and sometimes even go down head-first!

For our final night at Pixies Holt, we had a party with music kindly provided by Jack B. Everyone threw themselves into the dancing with some moves I have never seen before (and probably won't again) from a few of the boys. Despite an enormous dinner of roast pork, we found a little more room for a few treats we'd brought from home to share before a bedtime story and sleep which, for some reason, came much quicker than the first night. 

We spent our final morning tidying up the dormitories and then building animal shelters in the woods. There was such an impressive array of footbridges, hot tubs, swimming pools and even tennis courts constructed that I'm sure the animals of Dartmoor will be able to live in luxury throughout the winter. 

Finally, we made it back to School in time for lunch on Wednesday. We were all a bit more tired and dirty than when we left but also more confident as individuals and a group. Many challenges were faced and overcome and Class 5 have emerged the other side of Pixies Holt with more self-belief and stronger friendships than ever. 

Click on the link below for a full gallery of photos from this tremendous trip!

Yr 5 Residential Photo Gallery


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