Welcome to Year 6

Class Teacher: Mr A Claridge

This term in Year 6, we will study our local area and look into the many different parts of Shaldon that make it such a wonderful place to learn and live. We will collate ideas to help us create a piece of work to showcase our village.  


Reflective thinking is a skill that we will work on and develop this term. Children (and adults) will carefully analyse our learning and reflect on the impact of our core experiences. We will be taught how to take these reflections and use them to look forward in our learning. Class 6 will spend some time creating reflective learning journals to help us effectively showcase our experiences. We will create a piece of collage work to highlight our chosen area of the village and, as a class, will work alongside professionals to design and make a new mosaic to be hung on the outside of the school building.    


Class 6 will also be looking at writing effectively in a range of different ways. These pieces will bring together skills that they have been developing through their time in Key Stage 2.


In maths this term, Class 6 will be exploring the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. We will also learn about the importance of the equivalence between fractions and decimals (i.e: 1/8 = 0.125). Class 6 will also learn to effectively use their mathematical skills to manipulate number, solve a wide range of problems and investigate a range of mathematical concepts. 

Useful Info:

PE remains on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon and homework will be set on a Thursday to be returned on a Wednesday.

Key Performance Indicators - Year 6