Year 6 Residential to Balcombe Camp

The annual Year 6 class residential to Balcombe Camp in the woods bordering the River Dart was a huge success and another great experience the children will remember from their time at Shaldon Primary.  

Everyone whole heartedly threw themselves into learning new skills and working well in teams. Activities included fire lighting, tree climbing, the water challenge, building a pizza oven and making pizza from scratch.  Although the weather was a bit murky initially, it cleared up and we did some canoeing on the sparkling river catching sight of a heron, egrets and even a seal.

Despite a few horror struck faces we all soon got used to the compost loos but were definitely ready for long hot showers by the time we returned home!

Check out a gallery of photos from this trip by clicking on the link below.

Year 6 Residential Photo Gallery



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