Year 6 bake bread with Shaldon Bakery

Linked to their work on Harvest, Year Six were lucky to visit the Shaldon Bakery's hub of baking at Kingsteignton, where they were overwhelmed by the tastebud-tantalising aromas of freshly baked bread, before looking at the process of bread making, making their own cottage rolls and contributing to creating two wonderful harvest loaves to adorn the church at Harvest Festival next week.

SImon, the owner of the bakery, which has recently been announced as a finalist in the Devon Life Bakery of the Year, spoke to children about how the wheat would have been harvested and milled in the past, before talking to them about the process of proving the bread now. Once their creations were ready for the oven, they left them with Simon to bake in the ovens and return to the children at the end of the school day.

This was a fantastic opportunity for our children to see how a small business and a factory work to provide us with a good insight into the world of work, and the work behind the scenes to provide us with the things we take for granted.

Thank you to Simon and Ali for sending us back to school with a box of cakes for the staff room...we do love cake!

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