Year 6 catch the daybreak

On Friday our Year 6 pupils got up early and headed into school for a 7am start in order to visit Shaldon beach in time to catch the daybreak and enjoy a picnic breakfast in the early morning light.

Wrapped up warm in layers of winter clothes coupled with scarves and gloves and woolly hats, the children tucked into breakfasts of croissants, egg and bacon baps and hot dogs all washed down with lashings of hot piping tea or hot chocolate poured from flasks.

It was thrilling to hear the birds getting ready to greet the day as the light changed from dusky blue/black to a sharp silvery white. Pupils captured the moment in both paint and word, feeling the poetry of this special time of day. Everyone took time to notice the cloud formations, the changing of the tide, the reflections of the lights from the docks on the water as well as noticing the difference between the physical and human aspects of geography that we have been talking about in class.

Bailey was so taken by the morning that he wrote the following two sentences:

I can hear the majestic melody of the just woken birds as they fly outwards, spreading their population through the country. 
I can hear the barely audible, gentle swaying of the soft sea as it splashes, not timidly, over the damp sand of the beach.

We were thrilled that 24 members of the class joined us for our early morning adventure and took the opportunity to simplify that fraction before converting it to a decimal and a percentage - after all maths is a magical part of the world as well!

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