Year 6 meet their elderly pen pals

Pupils in Year 6 have been thinking about how to help some of our elderly residents feel less lonely and isolated in the communities we share.

Local charity, Volunteering in Health, teamed us up with some pen pals and we set about writing individual letters to them. It was great to tell them about all the wonderful things we are doing in school. Of course, we also had a plethora of questions to ask so that we could compare what school was like in the past to our own experiences.

We were not disappointed when the replies started to flood in. It was evident from the replies, what a great level of joy these letters had given, with some people saying that they rarely get any post these days. 

We were delighted to invite our new pen pals into school at the end of term, along with some of the volunteers already doing sterling work in the community, through the charity, into school to meet us in person.  The pupils began the afternoon by singing  the school song, showing off their new violin playing skills and then presented their new friends with some wonderful christmas crafts which they had created, thanks to funding from The Helen Foundation

It was a wonderful, heartwarming and festive afternoon, which was thoroughly enjoyed by  both young and old. With lots of positive feedback from all the visitors who we look forward to continuing our work with in 2017.

Chloe Myers, Office Manager at Volunteering in Health said, "We have had a wonderful response to the letters - our clients were all really surprised and pleased to receive them and have commented on how lovely the letters are. They were thrilled to meet the children and for both generations to discuss how much school has changed over the years“.

Lots of photos from this event can be found on our photogalleries page


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