Year 6 put on a performance

How lovely to have so many family members and friends to join us to enjoy the amazing violin concert performed in the hall by Year 6 pupils, who have been learning to play under the guidance of Kit Pratt for the last ten weeks. In that time, they had mastered five songs ranging from pop to classics to African traditional tunes.

As well as the whole class participation in the concert, the audience were treated to some soloists on led by Grace on trombone, Bailey and Jack on piano, a duet on the violin performed by Esther and Erin and a group effort on guitars with Chloe, Jack, Dom, Beth, Alfie and Alannah. 

The children's efforts were met with rapturous applause and a call for an encore, giving them the confidence to look forward to doing a repeat performance next Thursday when they invite their penfriends in for a first face-to-face meeting, which we are all looking forward to, immensely.




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