Year 6 take a trip to the allotments

Linked to our learning for Harvest, year 6 have visited the allotments to learn about the value of growing and eating local, seasonal, fresh produce. This followed a session looking at where our food has travelled from before it arrives on our plates. We used a food mile calculator to see the distances flown, driven or shipped by all sorts of foods from lentils to coffee, from bananas to rice and a whole lot more.

At the allotments, we met Claire Stoyle who provided the opportunity for us to dig and weed a plot in order to prepare the soil for planting; we met Roger Kirk, who arranged a quiz about how the vegetables and fruits growing on his own allotment, as well as fielding questions about what an allotment is and what was here before the allotment - even taking us back to the ice age to explain the way the landscape has been formed (linking to physical geography), and how it has been used and altered by people over time (linking to human geography and our impact on the local environment); and we met Lisa Pash who talked us through the process of using old and rotting produce to create new and nutritious soil. She also gave us a bit of a history lesson when showing us where Shaldon's bouncing bomb hit the boundary wall during WW11.

The class came back full of energy from their vitamin D top-up and the physical effort of working the soil! let's hope they can all get busy growing their own fresh food in the coming months.

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