Year 2 & 3 visit Paignton Zoo

At the end of the Spring term, children in Year 2 and 3 visited Paignton Zoo. This was to consolidate their learning journey question ‘How can we make a difference to our beautiful world?’. Over the term, they spent lots of time learning about the rainforest, endangered animals and how THEY can make a difference to keep such wonderful things in our world. When considering the many ways they could help, the children decided it would be a great idea to adopt an animal from Paignton Zoo to help the beautiful animals in the rainforest. This was achieved by the amazing generosity of the many visitors that came to the Art Exhibitions held by the children in both classes. A fantastic amount of money was made and the children showed great gratitude for them being able to adopt an animal.

The visit to Paignton Zoo was a great day and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The time spent there allowed the children to see the animal they chose to adopt, as well as gaining an insight into the rainforest animals at Paignton Zoo by listening brilliantly to a talk from the Education Centre. The children were also very engaged when investigating different animal skulls and observing some of the habitats that the animals may be found in. Some of the highlights by the children was the entertainment at lunch time when the seagulls tried to pinch their sandwiches and the grumpy gorilla that bashed on the glass when visiting the Ape Centre!

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