Yr 4 make bird boxes & feeders

Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic start to the new half term, making bird boxes and feeders for the school garden out of recycled materials.  Expertly guided by visual artist Peter Margerum, the children learnt how to look at junk and rubbish - such as old broom handles, coat hangers, and pipes – from a different perspective and see possibilities for creating something new.

The children learnt a range of design and technology skills, such as understanding the properties of different materials, how to join different types of material together securely, and the safe use of tools such as drills.  Having then planned and amended designs on paper, the pupils got to work creating their practical works of art.  

The bird feeders will be placed in and around the garden.  The work is part of year 4’s wider learning journey to design a make-over of the school garden so it becomes a more inspirational space for learning.

Many thanks to the Helen Foundation for their financial support which supported this inspirational day of learning.  More details about the work of the foundation is available at www.thehelenfoundation.org.uk.  Thanks also to the Daisi Arts Project  for helping set the day up.




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