Yr 6 Residential

We are now into our fourth year of spending three days at Young Spirit near Dittisham for the Year 6 residential and it is safe to safe that in all of those four years, it has never failed to bring great joy, challenge, teamwork and friendship to everyone that takes part.

This year, once the tents were put up, children were sent off to The Dart to do some canoeing, competing to get to the castle first where all the boats gathered to compare strategies – was it best to go our wide or to hug the beach? Was it useful to establish a stroke and a rhythm? How did you deal with someone not pulling their weight on the team?

Tuesday was “Challenge Day” and Year 6 were up for every challenge that was thrown at them – from sourcing water to climbing trees to finding the Lost World by travelling up a gorge and negotiating pipes and rocks on the way. Each team impressed the team leaders by being fearless and resilient at every challenge.

Children enjoyed eating bush tucker grub and making their own fires to cook pizzas on – delicious for most – but Miss Young and Miss Gordge had a culinary disaster and ended up eating a heavily charcoaled burnt offering – still beggars can’t be choosers, so they tucked right in! Everyone was glad to be fed on pasta in tomato sauce with cheese or ham the next night rather than being left to their own devices.

Evenings were spent playing games in the field overlooking Dartmouth – with us all reminiscing about our trip up the Dart a few weeks earlier aboard the tall ships, then collecting wood in the forest to take back to light the open fire before sitting around it with mugs of steaming hot chocolate and slices of birthday cake – courtesy of Josh and Will who turned 11 while we were away. Just what the children needed before bedtime – a wonderful sugar rush! And it did what it said on the tin, keeping them up well into the night.

With the threat of the zipwire treat being taken away, the second night brought much more sleep and far less chatter, but not before a wonderful night of spontaneous entertainment – plays, poems, dances and a wonderful song and dance routine from the boys – Mia Wha, Mia Whoo!

Well done to everyone for facing some challenging tasks and for living out in the forest. I hope you will keep the memories with you for a very long time to come.

Click on the link below to view a photogallery from the trip

Yr 6 Residential Photogallery


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