Year 6 attend Shaldon Village Remembrance Ceremony

Year 6 attended the Shaldon Village Remembrance Ceremony and one of our pupils, Song, describes his experience below:

"On Friday 11th November 16, Year 6 joined the local community at the Village memorial to commemorate the many young soldiers in the Great War. Sauntering along the weaving and winding road; class 6 had finally reached the war memorial. Crowded around the tall stone shrine, the crowd just looked on mournfully as we respectfully, silently took our spaces in the front row. 

Once the vicar had said everything she wanted to say, Mrs Price played the traditional last post, created by anonymous. After the two minute silence, our head boy and head girl placed a wreath upon the stone shrine. The magnificent wreath, a light tranquil red and a deep dark black, was placed like the crown jewels in the sunlight it was magnificently placed upon the alter. The vicar beautifully executed a numerous amount of prayers. Poppies were scattered at the foot of the structure on that day I not only commemorated those who died at war but those that have been forced to fight now.

Do not pity the dead the dead; pity those who survived …

I learned that day that you not only need to think about yourself but the people around you. Afterwards I was happy that I had given to my ancestors. I felt honoured to be able to celebrate both birth and adoptive ancestors I’m proud and I will always remember them…"

Song - Year 6 

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